Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fashion Stalking: David Beckham

Selecting David Beckham to Fashion Stalk was easy. Trying to pick a look was the hard part because he has so many to choose from. Whether his grabbing a coffee at a Starbucks or at red carpet event David Beckham displays amazing style sense. Perhaps his wife Posh Spice has a say in how her man looks. Either way he's always well put together, never over done and never under dressed. I knew that in order to Fashion Stalk David I wanted a real unique look and something that I never thought I'd ever think of myself. I have to admit when I finally found the right look I thought it would be hard to find all the right pieces. Again I have these amazing fashion Angels who are always there to help me find what I'm looking for and at a great price!. They led me to the right stores that had some great deals at the time. Dressing like David Beckham is a lot of fun. He adds a little touch  like leaving his shirt partly untucked.  Some would say he should at least finish getting dressed. But I would argue that it adds perfect charm to his look. So try it! I dare you. Untuck part of your shirt! Take a risk with your clothes. You may be surprised! I know I was!.

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